Two projects selected as ‘One Night Stand’

For the twelfth edition of ‘One Night Stand’, the Dutch Film Fund has selected two of our projects to reveice a grant for screenplay development. The selected projects are ‘Rio’ by writer Sammy Reynaert and director Yim Brakel and ‘De Jongen en de Schutter’, written by Carel Donck and directed by Sara Verweij.

‘Rio’ tells the story of Vincent, who was destined to become a great soccerplayer but who has his dreams crushed and is now forced to accept the reality of living a ‘simple’, regular life.

In ‘De Jongen en de Schutter’, a young boy witnesses a murder. The hitman shows mercy, but is later tasked with the job of killing the only witness to the scene.


Twelve projects were selected for development out of a total of almost eighty submissions. Six of the projects will also receive a realistion grant. These films will be broadcast on national television and will premiere at the Dutch National Film Festival.

The project is iniatated by the Dutch Film Fond along with the NTR, BNN-VARA, VPRO, the Dutch Cultural Mediafund and CoBO.

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